Wednesday, 26 January 2011

RH - Lighting in our film

The major issue within our production will be lighting. This is a problem as when we film it must be dark however it can't be too dark as the footage must be visable. The way we intent to get around this is by, firstly filming just as the sun is going down so we get some natural light whilst it being dark enough to keep to conventions of the genre. It has to be dark to create a threatening feeling. Secondly we will use non-natural light to provide illumination for some of our shots in the country side. Because our setting is in the countryside we will not have many street lamps, so we will rely on the car headlights as well as a lantern the killer shall be carrying. Overall I believe we can work around this problem and if anything use it to our advantage to give an eary, chilling feel.
A link to a website about the art of lighting in film

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