Friday, 28 January 2011

RH HK GG - A Group Discussion

GG - A group discussion

A problem that we had to overcome as a group was deciding on the opening couple of shots to our film. Both me and Roam had ideas that we wanted to use so we discussed them both. Then, we asked other people out of our work group on there opinions of the idea. We felt that by doing this it would help us decide on which opening to use.
Roams idea was to have more shots indoors. He wanted to give more anchorage to the idea that the couple had just had sex. We would have achieved this by showing shots of them both getting dressed etc... A disadvantage to this idea was that we are limited to only 2 minutes of filming. With a lot more to film as well we thought that fitting it all in would have been a tough challenge. 
George's idea was that we have a couple of long shots of the house signifying someones watching them both. We would then go to a close up of them both outside the front door of the house. The male would be wearing a dressage gown to help anchor the idea they had just had sex. They would then kiss each other on the cheek and she would go and get in the car. The disadvantage to this idea is that there is not much anchorage used to show that they had just had sex, making the viewer wonder why the 'scream queen' is about to be murdered. 
After a long discussion and speaking with others we decided to go with George's idea. We believe that with not much time to film we don't want to be rushed at the core of our production. When the 'victim' meets the 'protagonist.'

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  1. Excellent - great to see the creative process and group dynamic explored like this! A 3rd way to solve this problem would be shoot and edit both and then see which you/I/the aud prefers!


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