Thursday, 27 January 2011

GG - Soundtrack

Our soundtrack in our production is very important. Everyone film needs both Non-dieetic and Diegeticsounds. Without sound in a film there is no tension and the viewers get bored. The soundtrack is key when making and finishing our Film.
A link to a page on Soundtracks:

Examples of films that use soundtracks which we have looked at:
  • Halloween
  • Cherry Falls
  • Hell Night
When looking at these three films we watched them both with sound and without. This helped us see the importance of sounds in a film. We then took notes on the instruments used and the tempo of the sounds to help with our production. 

When making and deciding on what soundtracks to use in or production we have to look at three different things:
  1. It has to be our own made music because of copyright. 
  2. It has to fit the genre.
  3. It has to follow the actioning. 
After looking at these problems we have come up with ideas on how to get past them...
  1. We will use the software Garageband on the imacs to create our sounds and music. This is completely legal because it is our own music. The software is easy to use and we can fit it to our production how we want. 
  2. Because we have what control over what sounds to use we can make the sounds fit well. we can decided on what instruments etc.. we want to use.
  3. This will be a challenge but one as a group we believe we will be able to overcome. We will make the soundtracks after we have filmed our 'rough cut' because then we can make the sounds fit the motions a lot easier. 
Because our film is a horror/slasher we will use mainly 'string' sounds. A slow tempo at first but then building up to get the viewers heart's beating and create a nervous and tense feeling. 

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