Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mise-en- scene: RH

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A link to information about what mise-en-scene is and how its used

In any film mise-en-scene is a crucial part of the effect that is given to the audience. In the opening scene of our film, clothing or the lack of clothing will signify that our two cast members have just had sex. This immediately provides anchorage for a slasher film genre as we will show a blonde haired girl (scream queen) being sexually active. The conventions of the slasher genre tell us because she is sexually active she must be punished (murdered).

A second piece of object that will contribute to mise-en-scene is the mobile phone.This will come in when our girl looks down at the phone while driving after receiving a text message. This is important as we will use an ECU to show the message on screen, this message will hopefully create fear for the audience combining with a chilling soundtrack.

Thirdly we need to carefully choose our murder weapon. The key conventions of slasher is that a knife would be used, however other weapons such as an axehave been used and this is something we have been carefully considering. An axe can look for menacing however there are more examples of knifes being used. This is something we will decide in the coming days.

Finally other mise-en-scene, we will not include any irrelevant objects on screen as we want to apply our knowledge and research into
our film. So we will choose additional objects carefully as we aim for each item to mean something.

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