Sunday, 30 January 2011

GG - Final piece of filming

Tonight we finished off our filming for our production. Overall  we are happy with what we have done, although it was hard getting some of the shots i think we have done well. Our male actor, James Crowther, did an excellent job playing the protagonist and our female actress, Megan Claydon, also did an amazing job of playing the 'scream queen.'

We managed to get all the shots we wanted, plus a few extra that we thought of when we were up there.       In all we have done 15 minutes of filming, which we need to cut down to 2 minutes worth.

We liked how our protagonist was dressed. We though he looked very scary and threatening. We were pleased that he looked like the man from 'The Strangers' because that is were we got our idea from for him.

We are all very happy with our footage taken tonight and look forward to editing it all down.

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