Wednesday, 26 January 2011

HK Deconstruction: Jennifers Body

Jennifers Body, Karyn Kusamn 2009
Published by HK
Budget: $16m
Box Office: Us 16.2m
                    Uk 1.2m

Starts with an extreme long shot establishing the location, blue tint has been used to add a scary and spooky effect and make it feel like something is not quite right.
The mise on scene in the establishing shot includes a tire swing, this signifies that children are present. 

The shot gradually gets closer like its through someone who's walkings eyes, this is what's known as a Point Of View shot. P.O.V
The first shot of a character is a boy picking a scab, this shows flesh ad gore, this could be a signifier of the nudity and the gore to come later in the film.

Another point of view shot is used looking into the window and now it has really come apparent that there is someone watching and looking inside the house, this point of view shot into the window is very similar to that in the opening scene of the revolutionary slasher 'Halloween'.

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