Sunday, 30 January 2011

GG RH - Mask finished!

We planned to make a mask that resembled the one that the character 'Scarecrow' wore in Batman. We originally planned to make the mask in hessian however we were unable to find this material, so in the end we made it in black velvet.

George's Mum kindly agreed terms to make this mask for us. We thought this would be ideal as she is a textiles master. She had an image to work with and followed this design. We are delighted with the final outcome. When we decided to test our masks impact on audiences it went quite well. What we did was we wore the mask around the local, we knocked on house doors wearing the mask and studied the peoples reactions.

We've looked at using the mask with and without string around the neck. We came to the conclusion that the rope around the neck would look better.

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