Sunday, 30 January 2011

RH - Final night of filming

On set with cast and crew
Tonight we were filming our car scenes in the countryside. We felt the filming went extremely well. There was a lot to organise before we headed up to our location such as; our knife, fake blood, mask, camera and transport. We got to our location and it was a bit light so we planned and got everything set up whilst we waited for the light to fade slightly.

Our first shot was of 'Casey' getting in her car. We shot this from two different angles. Our second shot involved myself in the boot of a car shooting 'Casey' drive up the road. This shot was very interesting as it enabled us to have a shot moving which was brilliant. This shot took us up the road to where the car crash occurs.
Preparing for our final shot

After this we had several shots inside the car and outside. We get several angles of our killer standing in the road wearing a blood stained shirt and holding a bloody blade. The car approaches the killer and then swerves off. We had to get round the fact that our actress doesn't drive so with clever camera shots we got round this problem.
Our Killer!

 To sum up it was a fantastic night of filming and we got plenty of coverage, there is a lot of material to work with when it comes to editing and we believe the soundtrack idea we have will go very well with the footage taken.

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