Wednesday, 26 January 2011

RH - Costume

The costume our 'Scream Queen' will be wearing is going to be an ensemble of a short skirt and a small top that emphasises her cleavage. She will get into her clothes after first appearing in less clothes to signify that she has just had sex.

The costume of the boyfriend of our 'Scream Queen' will be jeans and a t-shirt. He will be laying on a bed shirtless and only at the end of the scene will he put on his shirt. The reason for this choice is that it once again signifies he has just had sex will the girl. We have decided to use jeans instead of other bottoms because it's not smart nor is it too casual (shorts), it also signifies he is working class.
Finally our killer will be wearing a dressing gown (not fully decided) along with his cloth mask. We are thinking that he will wear this dressing gown, they did this in 'Psycho' with the character 'Norman Bates' to an extent however our very killer is very different. Also something we could incorporate by using a dressing gown is that within the scene that will be shot in the house we could have the dressing gown hanging on the door. This would make the audience think that the killer is the girls boyfriend, providing a twist. This could contribute to the drama in the opening.

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