Thursday, 27 January 2011

RH - Christmas Evil opening (Lewis Jackson, 1980) aka 'You Better Watch Out'


In the opening of this film we get a extreme long shot of a house. We can denote that it is Christmas Eve because of the writing at the bottom of the shot, the date is also signified by the lights on the house. There is voice over whilst the shot slowly pans upwards to bring the full moon into the shot.
What we can learn from this as, 
there camera shakes and is not still, we will make sure that we don't make this mistake.There are also no opening credits or idents which we will include. However like our production our first shot is an establishing shot of a house, we will pan down from a tree, unlike this opening where they have panned up to capture the full moon.
This is a link to the IMDb page of 'Christmas Evil' 
Also in this openinthe child comes downstairs only to see 'Santa Clause' and his mother together, 'Santa Clause' was on his knees grazing her leg, this signifies that they will have sex as she is wearing a silk red dressing gown and some lingerie underneath, this costume is very 'sexual' the colour red is significant for two reasons; 1) The colour red signifies love. 2) Red is a colour that you would associate with Christmas.

We can take inspiration from this scene as 
we need to signify that our two characters have just had sex, the costume worn by the women gave this impression straight away, as did the male behaviour to her. They used an ECU on her thigh, in this shot we saw the mans hand on her thigh and this also showed her lingerie. I think we could use an ECU in our production as it adds suspense and provides a different shot type.

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