Thursday, 3 March 2011

RH - Our Narrative

In our film opening
 'Roadside' the basic synopsis is that there is a couple (Sam and Casey) Casey leaves Sam's house and is driving home before she swerves to avoid a masked man in the road and she crashes. The masked man then approaches the car and murders her using a knife.
In our opening our preferred reading is that Casey's boyfriend Sam has something to do with the murder. You can connote that Sam looks sinister and says a chilling farewell to his girlfriend and slams the door. In our opening we have tried to signify that Sam is the killer. This would develop in the film as he was the prime suspect for the murder. As the film goes on the murders become more frequent and seem to have a specific link. Sam, eager to prove his innocence finds himself at the scene of the murders which raises people's eyebrows although he is the best chance of stopping the killer. Casey's father who has connections with the police believes he is responsible and will do anything to stop him.

When we see Sam and Casey coming down the stairs Casey takes her arm off Sam. When Casey is driving she is on her phone. It will surface that she was breaking up with Sam.This is another piece of evidence that pins Sam to the murder as people believe he had a motive.

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