Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Evaluation Question 6

Media wouldnt be media without using technology, in this question i will give a summary of the technologys used throughout the project.

Firstly of course Blogger
I must say i have enjoyed my experience with blogger i found the site very user friendly and a great way to sumbit our coursework. And whacking out a total 85 blogposts throughout this years media studies, its safe to say im no longer a blogging amateur.

iMovie was of paramount importance whilst making our film.
A great tool in iMovie that i didnt mention in the video is that it provided very useful for adding sound effects which came in very handy whilst creating the idents. There is a huge selection of proffessionally made sound effects that are copyright free and ready to use on iMovie that can make a huge difference in your production and really helped make the car crash scene more beleivable.
Live Type was a software that was used to create the idents, at first i found it difficult to use and quite a complex software. But by spending time on it i got my bearings and managed to use it to create what we think are two very proffesional looking idents.

Technology that we think could of drastically improved the quality of our work, woukd be the use of HD camera's. These wouldof made an absolute world of difference and make the production look a lot slicker.

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