Wednesday, 16 March 2011

HK Filming

On Monday we went up to our location for even more re shooting, there were a few shots that needed to be re shot to include more shot variation.

We needed new shot of when our driver Casey first see's the masked villain an extreme long shot was used for this as we dont want the viewer to quite know what was on the side of the road to provide 'narrative enigma'

The second shot we filmed was of a  country roadside, the sign provided anchorage of how rural the location was and we included a blood effect using good  old tomato ketchup to signify the horror and foreshadow the gore to come later in the production.

Another shot we did was a point of view shot from Casey's POV as the killer approaches the crashed car. We included this scene after being told that the killing scene was too tame and this graphic pov of a knife being thrusted into Casey certainly added even more fright!

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