Sunday, 6 March 2011

GG - Changes to be made from feedback

After gathering a lot of feedback from our 3rd rough cut we have decided to change the following:

  • The opening drags on for too long, we are going to cut some of the shots from inside the house. 
  • Recorded some more diegetic sound. The characters don't talk enough which makes the viewer think that maybe they aren't in a relationship and that she is a prostitute. Also add some laughter to show they are close and comfortable around each other. 
  • In the killing scene, we need more point of view shots from the killer. 
  • The car is traveling across the country road and a very slow pace, so we need to either speed it up or re-shoot the shots. 
  • More cut shots need to be added in.
  • Cut down the shots of the killer approaching the car to make it happen quicker, its drags on for too long. 

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