Thursday, 3 March 2011

GG - The Boom Microphone

We have decided to use the Boom Microphone in our production, there are many advantages to use using it.Firstly we film outside for a part of our production, we realised that when we just used the microphone already on the camera we got noise from the wind. This made the quality of the sound very poorAlso when we filmed our 'scream queen' screaming, because the camera was so close this also came out poorly. In our new opening scene we are going to include more dialect between the two characters as they walk down the stairs. By using the Boom Microphone the audience will be able to easily hear what they are saying.
The advantages of using the Boom Microphone are;

  • Better sound quality.
  • It doesn't matter how far away the camera is to the sound, the microphone will pick up all the sound because you can hold it close to it. 
The disadvantages to using the Boom Microphone are;
  • It is time consuming using it on set. Plus because we film at night we have limited hours for filming. 
  • The equipment is very expensive, we have to be very careful when using it. 
Me and Roam have both been shown how to use. This will help us on set when we come to using it because we can set it up quickly and efficiently. 
 A link to how to use a boom microphone

The dead cat. For blocking out noise of the wind when filming outside

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