Wednesday, 2 March 2011

HK Deconstruction:American Werewolf in London, John Landis (1981)

Release Date: 21 August 1981 (USA)



$10milOpening Weekend Box Office$3,786,512 

The setting is in the hillside, looks very isolated and alone, bitter and cold. This could reflect the characters personalities or the themes of the film.

The Production company that this film is produced by is called 'Lycanthrope Productions' This is an example of subtextuality as Lycanthrope is latin for Werewolf.

The titles appear in a San Serif font which is manly used in horror films, as appose to a serif font which is used in more light hearted films such as rom coms and childrens films.
There is a long shot of a car driving through the remote areas with its headlights on, this shot is similar to shots we have used for our production 'Roadside' which is set in a similar location to the opening of this film.
As the car stops the music stops, this helps to build tension.

The music 'Blue Moon' can be linked to a werewolf film as everyone knows the connection between Werewolfs and moons so the choice of track has been specifically chosen for this film
Use of mise en scene has been used with the driver of the truck is dressed in somewhat stereo typical farmer clothes, tweed, wellys and a hat.

Finally use of match on action has been used as the 2 men walk towards the village as darkness falls.

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