Wednesday, 2 March 2011

HK idents

The idents that have taken much work, are finally complete!

Firstly i gathered some research on idents from other years coursework from Ilkley Grammar School to gain inspiration then i brought my ideas to life.

The first ident created was for our distribution company ' Maroaders' I created the ident for Maroaders in a software called Live Type,  this was the first time i had used this software.

For the background i chose a smokey grey effect, which comes across quite chilling and is very fitting for the horror genre, i added a moving graphic. This graphic is supposed to represent  the blades of a Marauders sword but instead we called the company 'Maroaders' as a play on words with our title 'Roadside'

For the sound of our idents i exported the Livetype file into quicktime then put it into iMovie.

After adding the sound to the ident it was shaping up to looking very professional, after finishing we uploaded the file to You Tube and then shared the You Tube link onto Facebook and received some audience feedback.

From the feedback we had received most said the same thing and the sound was not fitting to the horror genre, so i took this on board and changed the sound effects and now we have our final ident which with the new sound was much better than the original.

Then for Flatline Films  again made on Live Type then exported it to iMovie to add the sound.
For this we wanted a heart beat sound this made the ident sound very intense and worked really nicely with the two F icons dropping down, then after the heartbeats I included a Flatline sound which signifys the heart stopping, this foreshadows whats to come in the production, death.

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