Tuesday, 8 February 2011

RH - In detail deconstruction of our rough cut

Firstly we were told to fade into our opening shot instead of just going straight into the film. After our panning shot we should also shoot cut shots getting closer and closer o the house and then cut into the house. When our couple (Sam and Casey) come down the stairs they should be talking because in our rough cut it was they were on screen for too long without dialog. Also when the couple come out side we were advised to provide extra lighting because it appears to be pitch black. Also in our rough cut there was a sound when the door opens, we were told to exclude this from our final cut. Also are shots are too long, we need shorter takes, this just requires shot variation.

Secondly we need to record our sound separate to our footage e.g. when she unlocks her car, we need to record the sound made by the car, for this we will use the boom mic.Also we were advised to add a radio voice over during our driving shots, we would do this to provided a bit of exposition. In our rough cut we revealed the killer a long time before the car crash which removes all suspense and tension from the audience. We shouldn't show the killer at all apart from the actual murder. When the car crashes we should cut back to the killer to show the audience what has caused the crash. Next we will have the car crashed with the sound of the horn going off, we again will record this separately to the footage using the boom mic. In our final cut we will try get the shadow of our killer on the side of our car without the killer himself being on screen. This will provide tension and suspense for the audience.

Finally when the killer does come on screen we must use really short takes from 3 or 4 different camera angles, this will firstly provide coverage and secondly if the killer is on screen for too long the entire effect will diminish. Lastly the actual murder. Once again a very short take is needed, as if it is on screen for too long it will look very poor as we cannot produce a 'Hollywood' style murder.

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